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“How a $400 Website made $55,000...and how you could do it too...”   

Would you like to see how a consultant working from home used a simple website to generate over $55,000 in additional income in her first 7 months online? Are you interested in harnessing the immense power of the Internet to generate greater revenues. Wouldn't your business be vastly different if you had a growing number of new customers coming into your business every week?

If you don't understand the simplicity and predictability of how a profitable website is put together, you're most likely leaving a small fortune on the table. And you may not even realise it! Here's your opportunity to learn how to attract new prospects, convert them into customers, and then have them coming back over and over again (and keep them stuck to you like glue).

Having a website is NOT web marketing...

Most small business websites are a complete waste of time and money. But imagine if you could use the massive reach of the Internet to attract new customers and build ongoing, highly profitable relationships with them. It's so incredibly simple that you'll wonder how you did without this incredible marketing tool for so long.

Most people that enter the world of online business do so with the expectation that they are going to be able to put up a website that generates significant amounts of money within a few days. The Internet Marketing scene in New York and the surrounding areas has come a long way over the years. Long gone is dial-up, AOL, and the internet has become the Wild West of a new generation. We understand how to harness the power of the internet for your business. There are two paths here. First is a backlinking strategy rooted in volume. Many other firms in the Long Island / New York area rely on this method like a local New York SEO company. The second is much more tactical and involves single links to relevant, high quality sites. Guess what? Those are worth their weight in gold and become increasingly harder to find. 

An effective, money making website doesn't have to cost you a fortune. You're about to see a living example of how one of our clients turned a $400 investment and about 30 hours of her time into over $55,000 worth of consulting work in just 7 months...

Rob's company works with clients helping them to become more efficient in their core business processes, which in turn allows them to charge higher prices for their products. Marketing her services using traditional media used to be a hard slog, but since Rob's company started using the Internet to generate leads and enquiries, she has been booked solid with plenty of work coming every month.

Here's a short note Rob sent to me to tell me about how her new website was going...


Hi Rocky,

I would like to thank you for your help and assistance in setting up our new website. A recent enquiry through the site has resulted in us being awarded an audit contract worth A$15,000.

Of course the audit is just the initial stage in the process, and if we are awarded the implementation contract, its value would be approximately A$60,000.

We receive regular enquires for our free report and the results so far have been very encouraging, having recently signed another contract worth A$40,000.

Thankyou so much for your help and assistance to achieve these great results


Rob Ross


Would you like to have this sort of lead generation system working for your business? 

To show you just how Rob has created this powerful web based marketing system, I've written a Free Report entitled How A Simple Lead Generation Website Earned A Consultant $55,000 In Just 7 Months - And How You Can Do It Too... that takes you step by step through a simple web marketing process that you can immediately implement into your own business.

Inside this exclusive Free Report and the accompanying Web Marketing For Local Business Email Newsletter you’ll learn... 

  • Why 99% of small business websites are a complete waste of time and how to ensure yours works hard for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • The "Most Wanted Response" you website should be focused on that could triple your income (or more) over time

  • How to get hundreds of highly targeted visitors to your website every month from Google, Yahoo and the other major search engines without spending a fortune on advertising

  • How to "super-size" your potential market while zooming on the exact people who are interested in buying from you

  • How you can offer your customers an ongoing stream of exciting (and extremely profitable) new products and services without ever having to create, stock or deliver anything yourself

  • Plus you'll also get FREE updates and regular marketing tips as I find new and exciting ways to boost your returns using the Internet...

As soon as you register, I'll send your Report to you by email, and in a few days and you'll receive the first installment of my Web Marketing For Local Business Newsletter, where you'll learn proven strategies for attracting new clients day in, day out using the Internet.

I also need your postal address because I'll also be mailing you a second exclusive Report entitled How To Dominate Your Market and Crush Your Competition where I share a 9 Step System for dominating your market and stealing prospects and customers from your competitors. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading this Bonus Report...

What's The Catch?

People often ask me why I give so much valuable information free in these Reports and the Web Marketing For Local Business Newsletter. My answer is simple. I've learned from some fantastic people, and I could never give back. This is my way of Giving Forward.

Which is why the information in these two valuable Reports and the Newsletter is free. I have other products and services that you may like to buy to increase your knowledge or save your time, but these Free Reports will always be FREE.

It's easy to get your hands on this valuable information. Just fill in the form below completely - then click the “Send Me The Report!” button to enter. Your information is kept 100% confidential. Please allow the next page a few seconds to load...

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I hate Spam with a passion. Your email address is safe and will never

be sold, rented or given to anyone else without your permission


If you have any questions about marketing your business online, or if you would like me to contact you about anything in the Report, please telephone me on 5543 2004 or email me at  

Thankyou for visiting today.

To your success,


Beaudesert Web

P.S. If you'd like to discover how a $400 Website has already made over $55,000 for one client and how you could do it for your business too, make sure you register for this Free Report using the form above right now before you forget. I'll show you how to turn lukewarm prospects into red hot customers who buy from you not just once, but over and over again...


What Others Are Saying...


Hi Rocky,

Your course is very comprehensive Rocky and tends to cover the 'nuts and bolts' extremely well. 


Also, when I was getting started I sent you loads of emails without really appreciating how much of your time I was taking up, but you were always happy to help out.

Matt Brown

Hi Rocky,

You are truly amazing! One of these days I hope to meet you at a one of Robert Allen's wealth retreats. You so generously have given me such wonderful information without even knowing you will receive a dime of commission.

I am so anxious to read your information as I am a newbie to website marketing and design and welcome all the step-by-step help I can receive.

Thank you ever so much for just being you. I wish you abundance and many blessings in the future.


Jeannie Dockins

Hi Rocky,

I have never experienced such professional and friendly responses from anyone on the net to this degree since I have been using it for the past three years. I am totally blown away. It kind of restores one's faith in a system wrought with suspicion and apprehension.

Can't thank you enough Rock, for someone to take the time to give me this kind of feedback is beyond words, I can't believe all the people I have met since starting SBI are warm, concerned, generous to a fault and unbelievably skilled and professional....the standard that's being set by people like you is nothing short of amazing. You sir, are a credit to the internet. I'll keep you posted as the "evolution" takes place.

Thank you so much for your newsletter...I have never said that to anyone. Your info is just plain honest. No bull crap at hidden agendas AND the information is absolutely hands down the best on the net. I am so glad I see your letter every week and look forward to it. Feel free to use this email as testimony to your professionalism...

Ben Michalski




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